Developing your Social Media Roadmap

Developing the Social Media Roadmap

Organisations wishing to have their Social Media Strategy built and deployed will go through several phases of approval based on the below activities.  Upon completion, training is provided for in-house staff to manage the Social Media setup in the form of a hand-over session with documentation outlining the setup.

Should you wish to outsource the management of your Social Media setup, we provide this service, with options for the level of engagement that you require on an ongoing basis.

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Social Media Management

We take the time to understand your needs. This includes previous challenges, your existing marketing activities, goals, level of availability and your determined target market.

We meet with you to determine who will be involved and the identities that will be used for online marketing. We will provide a backup plan should there be any future changes in the organisation.

We then carry out an Online Analysis Review Report, which leads to the detailed proposal of a Strategy for reaching potential clients, contacts and synergistic partners.

Once the Strategy is approved, we begin the Implementation phase.

Implementation of the Social Media strategy takes time. This is because online applications take time to update themselves.  However, we generally estimate an average of a four week period for full implementation.

For benchmarking purposes, we record your current level of online presence prior to starting the implementation.  This data is presented to you after implementation.  The data often shows the results of the Online Analysis Review Report, with a view to recording changes in online visibility and online engagement.  On most occasions the level of online visibility and engagement will already show an increase prior to completion of the project.

This phase is optional and depends on your resources.  However, this phase is highly important as your online presence is almost only as good as your initial online activity, particularly in first increasing your online connections.

For clients with internal resources to handle the operation of Social Media activities, going straight to hand-over training is more appropriate.

For clients that do not have internal resources available at the time, we provide a service which involves operating and boosting the initial activity and connecting with your existing contacts by way of using your existing database.

You are provided with an Administrators Manual along with other appropriate training manuals to ensure you understand the setup and are able to effectively contribute on a regular basis.

Should you require training sessions to get staff up to speed on each of the applications, this can be arranged as a separate project or included in the Implementation Project.

For clients wishing to use experienced staff to manage their online presence, or use a managed advertising campaigns on any of the platforms, we provide Social Media Management service tailored to suit the needs and budget of the organisation.

It is in our interest that our clients benefit from the investment in the Social Media Roadmap.  If the setup should go stale - then not only does the client suffer from negative return, but we look bad for zero success.

Therefore, we like to ensure that you are fully equipped to manage your online operation, regardless of whether it is handled internally or externally.

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